Alejandro Jimenez

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Client Description For Vuber Vaporizers, a company that champions vaporization as an effective method for consuming medical and recreational products, I led a project focusing on digital marketing and SEO. My goal was to highlight Vuber’s unique selling points: their portable, convenient, and discreet vape systems designed to optimize the user’s medicinal or recreational cannabis […]

Furnisher former Popfurniture

Client Description In my project with Furnicher, formerly known as Pop Furniture, I was tasked with enhancing their website to better serve the native Spanish market. This comprehensive endeavor involved several key actions to ensure the website was fully accessible and engaging for Spanish-speaking customers. My approach included: Website Localization: I adapted the website to […]

Adrian Park

Client Description For Alan Park’s project, I embarked on a comprehensive customization of his e-commerce website to enhance product visualization. My focus was on implementing advanced UX/UI design principles to create a more interactive and user-friendly shopping experience. This involved developing a custom feature that allows customers to view products in multiple colors, thereby enriching […]

Rocky Marciano

Client Description Sandra Vaucher Chief Taster at Nobile Imports needed a store for Rocky Marciano Wines website and some improvements on their site. We developed the store in a sub-domain and developer a store finder to facilitate the search for stores where Rocky Marciano Wines are available. Project Details Client: Sandra Vaucher Date: October,  2017 Page URL: […]

Standard Knight

Client Description Standard Knight Co. originated as a way for us to share our passion for making and designing quality leather goods. We believe in living easy, and living minimally; and in a craftsmanship that curates rugged, durable, and timeless goods. Our leather products are designed to patina in time, picking up little pieces of […]

Donovan Family Reserve

Client Description We are constantly working with Murray developing website for new businesses like Donovan’s Private Reserve. In this occasion, we developed a customized website to showcase Donovan’s products and information. Project Details Client: Murray Adams Date: November,  2017 Page URL:

Nashira Style

Client Description Nashira Style fashion designs bring together nature and magic in extraordinary limited edition garments that every woman can wear and feel unique.” Project Details Client: Nashira Cuba Date: December,  2019 Website:

Sewall House

Client Description Keenly interested in health and exploration, Donna (Amrita) Davidge is a highly experienced 500 E-RYT yoga teacher. She received her Masters in Nutrition in the late 70s, then acted and modeled (living in Europe from 1982-85) from the mid 80s into the early 90s. Project Details Client: Donna Davidge Date: June, 2019 Website:

Bad Cat Creamery

Client Description Founded Bad Cat Creamery with one simple goal – create delicious gelato, rooted in its Italian heritage, made from locally sourced ingredients from small business owners. Project Details Client: Cheryl McCormicke Date: Nov,  2019 Website:  

Amado Espinoza

Client Description Amado Espinoza is a Bolivian artist who dialogues with the elements and times that surround him, inviting the listener to share a journey through his innovative musical poetics. An African and Arab percussion teacher, his concerts have been greeted with shouts of enthusiasm and cake applause. Project Details Client: Amado Espinoza Date: February,  2018 Website: […]

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