Alejandro Jimenez

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Client Description

In my project with Furnicher, formerly known as Pop Furniture, I was tasked with enhancing their website to better serve the native Spanish market. This comprehensive endeavor involved several key actions to ensure the website was fully accessible and engaging for Spanish-speaking customers. My approach included:

Website Localization: I adapted the website to align with the cultural and linguistic nuances of the Spanish market, significantly improving the user experience for this specific audience.

Full Website Translation: I undertook the meticulous process of translating the entire website into Spanish. This step was essential to ensure that all content was clearly and effectively communicated to Spanish-speaking visitors, making the website truly resonate with its intended demographic.

SEO Optimization in Spanish: Along with the translation, I executed a targeted SEO strategy tailored for the Spanish language. This involved conducting keyword research, optimizing meta-tags, and refining content to boost the website’s visibility and rankings in Spanish-language search engines.

This project was not just about translating a website; it was about creating a seamless and culturally relevant online experience for Furnicher’s Spanish-speaking audience. By localizing the content and optimizing it for SEO, I was able to significantly enhance the website’s accessibility, user engagement, and market reach within the Spanish-speaking community.

Project Details

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