Alejandro Jimenez

Call me AJ

Client Description

The project undertaken by SchiffGold was strategically designed to broaden its client base within the Latin American market. In my role, I collaborated closely with Dickson Buchanan, the esteemed Precious Metal Specialist and Director of International Development, serving as the Senior Web Developer and E-Marketing Director. My key responsibilities included the development of SchiffOro, SEO, content marketing for the Spanish-language as counterpart to the SchiffGold website, ensuring accessibility and market resonance within Latin American communities. Additionally, I spearheaded the E-Marketing Strategies and Management, implementing innovative digital marketing initiatives to enhance online presence, engage with a diverse audience, and drive business growth in the targeted region. This comprehensive approach underscored our commitment to expanding SchiffGold’s footprint in Latin America through tailored digital solutions and strategic marketing efforts.

Project Details

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